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Terms and Conditions


We are happy to provide professional and impartial advice by telephone before visiting your property. However, this advice is subject to the information you provide us at the time of call, and can alter upon a visit from an engineer. We are unable to provide fixed fee's for any new products or installations as these vary dependant on the property, signal and type of installation required. We do however, provide a base price for your information.

All estimates provided are done so on a no obligation basis.


Same/Next Day Service


We aim to visit your property within 24-48 hours of your booking. Unfortunately, factors out of our control may not make this possible. We will always endeavour to inform you at the earliest opportunity of where this may be the case.


Sats4u or it's associated companies will not accept liability for loss of work or earnings if your appointment needs to be re-arranged.


Goods & Services


Sats4u guarantee installations for twelve months from the time of the origional installation date. The guarantee offers free reallignment of a mounted and installed antenna supplied by us,

By booking an appointment with Sats4u or it's associated companies, and where the engineer visits your property, you agree to any payments or prices quoted during your booking with our sales team. Failure to pay in full once the installation has been completed will result in any goods or services provided being removed, and/or legal court action.


Discounts may be given to some customers. These discounted prices are offered by our engineers if the customer has requested the job to made "as cheap as possible". This will usually mean the engineer may decrease his labour costs and or use secondhand/inferior components at the customer's discretion. Secondhand/inferior parts are not covered by Sats4u's guarantee.

All goods remain the property of Sats4u until paid in full. We reserve the right to remove any goods where this condition has been breached.


Where stated, the Company is Sats4u or it's associated companies, and the Customer is shall mean any person, company or organisation that places an order with the company for goods and/or services.


By signing the invoice provided, you agree to the advice provided by the company, and the suitability, location & positioning of any equipment fitted, and the terms of the company as set out below. Furthermore, you agree to pay in full upon completion of any works carried out, as agreed with the company.


All goods and services provided by the company are subject to the conditions set out below and will be the basis of the contract between the company and the customer.

All goods provided by the company will remain the property of the company until payment has been received in full. The customer gives the company irrevocable access to the property at any time to remove any goods supplied by the company if payment has not been received in full, as set out above.


The company will assess each job and estimate for the work considered to provide the best quality of reception signals. A further assessment may be attained on completion of the works and further recommendations made where appropriate.


The company, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to decline any work deemed unsafe.


At its sole discretion, the company may invoice the customer for any works carried out. All such invoices are strictly net and unless agreed with the customer, are due for payment within seven days of date of invoice.


Any time quoted for delivery and/or installation is estimated and not guaranteed. The company cannot be held responsible for inconvenience due to cancellation/postponement of the appointment.


The company will guarantee the following against faulty material and workmanship:


a) Satellite equipment received by the company, and its installation, twelve months from the date of the invoice, unless stated otherwise.


b) UHF TV & VHF FM equipment received by the company and its installation, twelve months from the date of the invoice, unless stated otherwise.


Any aerial installed in the loft will adversely affect the signal and reception received. Although the company will endeavour to maximise the quality of reception received in these circumstances, it cannot guarantee the results from these installations.


The company guarantee will only cover the installation carried out by the company, and parts we supply, and will be separate from the manufacturer’s warranty on any equipment provided.


The company cannot guarantee the quality of reception in your area and received by our equipment or installation. Reception is dependent on many factors out of the company's control. However, the company will ensure the reception received is as good as local factors allow at the time of installation.


Where digital signal received is below the levels recommended by the Codes of Practice, but the customer is satisfied with the installation and reception received, the company cannot be held responsible for the maintenance of these signals or quality under its normal guarantee terms.


The company will not provide guarantee or warranty on any equipment provided by the customer, or Secondhand/inferior parts, and installed by the company. Any further visits from the company due to faulty equipment of the customers after installation may result in a diagnostics being required, which may incur further costs. This will be discussed and agreed before the companies visit.


Any equipment replaced or repaired during the period of the guarantee, will remain in guarantee from the date of the original invoice.


On fault diagnosics, the engineer will replace any part with a temp part. This part maybe Secondhand/inferior or new. The engineer may have to do this if the spare part is not available, temporally out of stock or the faulty part to be sent off for inspection. The labour cost for a true fault will free. New replacements, for true faulty parts, will usually be exchanged for the temp part within 28 days after inspection completion.This is unless the temp part was purchased at the time by the customer with the instruction of "no new part needed."


Our engineers will never install using secondhand cable, though at the customers request, existing coax run may be used.


This guarantee does not cover.


a) Reception quality and conditions changing which are outside the companies control, which may be but not limited to, local buildings being erected, tree's, cranes, maintenance of local transmitters, power cuts, lighting strikes/gale winds etc


b) Movement or damage caused by winds in excess of 60mph


c) Interference caused by local radio hams, citizen band radio, radar, electrical appliances or any other transmitting frequencies


d) Any repair, upgrades or alterations carried out by persons other than those employed or instructed to do so by the company


e) Retuning of receiving equipment due to alteration of channel frequencies.


f) Works carried out for the customer against the companies best recommendations, for example, installation of an aerial not suitable for the reception area, or using Secondhand/inferior part.


g) Faulty Electrical products, for example a powered amplifier or a receiver. These goods will be covered by the manufactures own twelve month warranty.




Returns and Fault notification.


Our procedure for contact about any faults are as follows,


Faults must be registered at our company. We must be contacted via the following methods only,

a) By telephone number 0800 6990669.

b) By email to support@sats4u.co.uk

C) By "signed for" delivered mail to our Administrations office (address below).

We will only accept the above methods of contact. Do not approach one of our engineers about an appointment as they do not have the facillities to book appointments, though they may offer advise on fault finding/diagnostics which you should mention in your contact with us.

The customer must contact the company as soon as the fault arises or within 7 days of the fault.

The customer must obtain an appointment from the company for a company employed engineer to diagnose the fault.

Faults must be registered at our company.


Due to unforeseen circumstances messages left may be missed. An appointment must be made, so the final method of contact, By "signed for" delivered mail to our Administrations office would be a final resort. Please allow the company seven days from receipt of the letter to propose an appointment date for the customer. The customer is NOT to attempt repairs or to allow any other person/s, other company, association's, or agencies, to attempt any repairs or moving of any equipment installed by our company prior or during this seven day period after we have received written notification of the fault.


The customer will be liable for all costs of the return of faulty goods for inspection. If proved the item is not faulty the customer will also be liable for storage of item until customer has arranged collection or disposal of the item. The customer will also be liable for a rental fee for any equipment loaned to the customer.


The customer is NOT to attempt any repairs or to allow any other person/s, other company, association's, or agencies, to attempt any repairs or moving of any equipment installed by our company as this would void any guarantee/warranty with the company.


A Sats4u engineer will access your fault. If the fault is with a part then this will be replaced if under the customer is still under waranty/guarantee. If the part is a sealed unit, for example a tap, splitter, diplexer, disec switch etc, then this part will be sent off for inspection and is subject to the same conditions of returns as electrical goods.


If our engineer accesses the fault to be through customer neglect, customer own installation instructions/preferences, damage to equipment from external forces (for example an object hitting the attenna), loss or damage caused by fire, theft, flood, riot, explosions, aircraft of items dropped there from, circumstances deemed as acts of god, lightning or damage beyond the suppliers reasonable control or acts from third parties, criminal or not and the company will not be held liable for. Installation faults will be rectified.


You must keep the invoice in the event of a claim and provide to the company upon the visit of one of its installation engineers. There may be a delay if this document is not provided.


Equipment maybe loaned to the customer if an item needs returning for inspection. This loan will be free until exchange of repaired/replaced item, unless the returned item is diagnosed as non-faulty when fees will then be charged.



Property Damage


• It is the customer's duty to ensure suitable permission from the owner/landlord/agent/organisation, and/or planning permission if necessary is obtained prior to installation work carried out by the company. The company will not be held responsible for any damage to the property (such as fixings, holes etc) if this has not been obtained, and in the event of equipment supplied or installed requiring removing or re-positioning, extra charges will be incurred.

By instructing the company to proceed with any works as agreed, it is thought by the company the customer has sought the necessary permission as set out above.

• Where possible, the company will minimise the amount of fixings and holes required for the installation. In the unlikely event of property damage potentially caused by us, the customer must notify the company within seven days of the invoice, in writing to the companies Administration Office (address below).


Reasonable opportunity must be provided by the customer to the company to inspect the alleged property damage prior to repairs being carried out. The company will not be held for any liability for such damage unless this condition has been met.




In the unlikely event of a complaint made against the company, the customer must put their complaint in writing, and sent by "signed for" mail, to the Administration Office at Sats4u, 23 Turnberry Drive, Hailsham,East Sussex. UK. BN27 3UQ at their earliest opportunity. Upon receipt of this complaint, the company will endeavour to resolve the matter within seven days.


Notice of right to cancel:

Your contract is with Sats4u and your invoice number/job reference number is on your invoice.


You have the right to cancel this contract if you wish, within seven calendar days starting on the day the Notice of Right to Cancel is issued as stated overleaf on your Estimate/invoice. Cancellation should be communicated in writing, and by "signed for" mail, to our administration office.


Should you send your cancellation notice in writing via post, and must be "sign for" next day delivery with tracking.

Notice of cancellation is deemed to be served as soon as it is posted/sent.


Work carried out prior to the expiry of the cancellation period:

By signing a job sheet you are advised that reasonable payment may be due for any work carried out.



The Company reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions. The customers statuary rights are not effected.

Details of our fees can be obtained by a written request to the company at our administration office sent by "signed for" post.


Call us free on

0800 699 0 669

or ring our Hailsham office on

01323 843797

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